Whether you need an iOS, Android, Mac, web app, or custom website, we can design and develop it for your startup or business. We won't just take your product and run with it; we want to build a dynamic, longstanding client/agency partnership, working closely with you from start to finish.

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Experts At Our Craft


Our designers create engaging custom app and web designs from scratch. They will get to know you and your business, helping you build a brand which fits and leaves a lasting impression on your customers. The right design draws your users in and makes them feel comfortable. Our design team can create a coherent look and feel across different platforms that will make using your product a delight.

Apps + Mobile

We love mobile apps. Whether iOS or Android, nothing beats the speed, responsiveness, and flexibility of native mobile apps. Our designers are true mobile experts who understand the challenges of designing apps with limited space. When it comes to building your app, we use React Native as well as fully native development, and we can help you choose the right technology for your project.

Websites & Web Apps

Complex business logic, database-driven sites, legacy integrations — these are the backbone of the internet. If your users are interacting via the web or native mobile, your backend systems must be reliable. Whether in Ruby on Rails, Elixir and Phoenix, or the next big thing, we excel at delivering the steak as well as the sizzle.

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Responsive Websites

The web is as important and dynamic as ever, and we live and breathe it every day. Adapting it to the needs of all the different screens users expect is vital to reaching your customers, and not only do we have years of experience making that happen, we do it by default.

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Wearable Interface

Wearable technology is in its infancy, but we are well ahead of the curve. We can help you write the future, whether you are looking to the wrist with Android Wear or Apple Watch, or even farther to Virtual Reality and beyond.

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Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are transforming the way millions of people live, work and conduct their business. With a customer-centric architecture, Iobird delivers high-quality iOS app development and Android app development services to both start-ups and enterprise clients.



Custom AI-based solutions like machine and deep learning will help you automate any operation.


Game development

A studio filled with geeks, nerds, artists and some real freaks, who know how to produce playful entertainment for the smart devices.


Software Development

Iobird combines all of its elements to climb to the top as a trusted and leading software development company in the World. The company takes pride in delivering customized software development services to its clients across the world.


App Support & Maintenance

Apart from strategising and developing mobile apps, the company helps its associates with its outstanding app maintenance and support services at all levels to enhance the application stability.

Technology Capabilities

We're constantly pushing our skills forward to provide our clients with the technology needed for modern applications.